The automotive scene has finally reached a point wherein supercars are deemed tame by comparison to machines classified as hypercars. As the motoring innovations unlock more technology for carmakers to play with, we start to see ridiculous performance numbers like that of the Czinger 21C V Max. This version edges out the vanilla with clean aesthetics.

During its official unveiling during Monterey Car Week 2022, the 21C was pegged as a phenomenal creation by both man and machine. The V Max version, meanwhile, does away with the aggressive aero components for a sleeker silhouette. In exchange, it loses the downforce which would have made it handle like a dream on the racing circuit.

Nevertheless, the hypercar should still drop jaws when it comes to acceleration and top speed. Powering this speedster is the same hybrid powertrain setup as the standard 21C. Thus, it’s packing a 2.88-liter twin-turbo V8 alongside the 800V electric drive units assigned to the front axle. Rounding it out is a seven-speed sequential transaxle.

As far as testing goes, Czinger claims the 21C V Max can hit 250 mph from a standstill and safely come to a complete stop in just 27 seconds. If the hypercar can replicate this consistently, the Koenigsegg Regera can bid goodbye to its record of 31.49 seconds. Aside from the missing wings and winglets, it’s sporting carbon wheel covers and a longer tail.

For now, the Los Angeles, California-based outfit is targeting 80 units with deliveries starting in late 2023. We’re not sure about the total allocation between the two variants. For maximum grip and exceptional agility, the full aero kit option is the best way to go. However, we know many will gravitate toward the Czinger 21C V Max for pure sexiness.

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Images courtesy of Czinger Vehicles