With barely a week before the Monterey 2022 auctions, we’re already getting thrilling automotive reveals. What we have here is a hypercar from Czinger Vehicles that promises more than just jaw-dropping performance. Aside from the ridiculous numbers it touts during testing, it’s teasing something more revolutionary. The 21C is undoubtedly the star here, but its construction is just as remarkable.

Unveiled earlier this year, the Los Angeles, California-based marque began production in 2021. We all know some companies take pride in traditional engineering methods. Prestigious names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Pagani, McLaren, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce, among others, prefer to hand build their rides.

Meanwhile, what Czinger Vehicles hopes to bring to the table is a new type of automation. Mass production usually requires the help of robotics to speed up the assembly line. However, supercars and hypercars like the 21C require a level of precision current processes cannot deliver. Therefore, the only solution is to innovate from the ground up.

Co-founders Kevin and Lukas Czinger present a proprietary 22-robot assembly platform. It can 3D-print any part of the main structural components to form the chassis. Furthermore, instead of fixtures and tools, their team also uses an in-house adhesive that can bond pieces in two seconds. The 21C showcases impressive capabilities and is an advertising tool for their system.

Aside from the hypercar, Czinger Vehicles is also marketing the manufacturing process. Beneath the aggressive aerodynamics is a 2.88-liter, twin-turbo, and mid-mounted flat-plane crank V8. They’re pairing it with an 800V electric drive and regen system on the front axle. This Hybrid setup produces about 1,250 horsepower for a 0-62 mph acceleration in 1.9 seconds. The 21C can also hit a top speed of 253 mph.

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Images courtesy of Czinger Vehicles