We have covered some stunning bicycles here at MensGear but the Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle is arguably the most unconventional and outright beautiful yet. This stunning throwback to decades past will be on show during the Milan Design Week, which kicks off from April 9th.

Created as a collaboration between Bruno Greppi with designers Luca Scopel and Gianpietro along with advertising guru Riccardo Lorenzi, the Cykno Vintage Electric is truly something to behold. What is great about this bike is that it is as every bit an impressively elegant work of art as it is a ride to get you about town. Before we get into the tech details, just take another look at this beauty, can’t you just imagine yourself ambling through country lanes on this? And of course that electric motor will make your journey much easier.
The Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle is powered by a lithium polymer power pack that has a high density, meaning it will last longer. Elsewhere the cycle is made from premium leathers, carbon fiber, and aluminum making it a joy to look at and as light as a feather.