In spite of the challenging times, the efforts of the global healthcare system are gradually reporting progress in the fight against COVID-19. Most folks who have been holding back for quite some time are already planning for their next excursion. International travel is still not back up on its feet just yet. For now, its best we avoid international travel for now and take the Canoo for a spin.

Those who love the outdoors are going to love what this all-electric pickup truck brings to the table. Not only is Canoo marketing this machine for folks craving adventures, but its also a reliable option for hauling cargo and more. Furthermore, the manufacturer reveals that its modular nature makes it a platform for leisure and work.

“We are so passionate about building vehicles that can change people’s lives,” says Canoo Executive Chairman Tony Aquila. “Our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive.” After looking at what is possible, it appears to be living up to the claims.

Buyers can choose between a single rear-mounted or dual-motor configuration. The latter is capable of up to 600 horsepower with 550 lb-ft of torque. Canoo states that its emission-free pickup can handle payloads of up to 1,800 lbs. A full charge of its batteries offers a range of more than 200 miles.

Equally notable is the steer-by-wire steering and braking systems, which allows the engineers to maximize space. Canoo also makes it possible to extend the bed using a pull-out section. There’s enough space to hold 4×8 sheets of plywood flat. Optional add-ons include a roof rack and a camper shell. Preorders will be starting later this year with units shipping out to buyers in early 2023.

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Images courtesy of Canoo