The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing supply problems for various products globally. However, we are glad that there are no shortages of awesome rides that come our way. This week alone, we featured two badass machines from Hennessey Performance and Novitec. Meanwhile, not to be outdone by the former two, MANHART is parading its latest project for all to see. As the covers drop, what you see here is a Toyota Supra GR-450 with several upgrades thrown in for good measure.

Sharing a similar platform as the BMW Z4, this Japanese coupe certainly oozes a European vibe. This is probably why the German tuning shop finds it easy to work its way around this vehicle. As with most aftermarket enhancements, the goal is to add a bump in power and a tweak performance. In Its stock configuration, the Toyota Supra GR-450 by no means a slouch.

Nevertheless, anything that pushes it beyond its default capabilities is something we want to see. A crucial component for this build is the MHtronik Powerbox and ECU remap from MANHART. This takes the 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine from 340 to 450 horsepower. Torque is likewise higher at 479 lb-ft, while the 8-speed automatic transmission remains the same.

To harness the additional horses under the hood, MANHART adds suspension tuning to the upgrade package. Clients can opt for the coilover variant 3 from KW or lowering springs from H&R. This Toyota Supra GR-450 now sports a set of 20-inch Concave One wheels with a diamond polish finish. Aside from the exterior decals, the designers are keeping the interior as is, but with optional customizations also available.

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Images courtesy of MANHART