Pens need not adhere to a certain shape, design, and size. After all, what matters is it writes well and good in the hands. The CW&T Pen Type-C is a unique find with its super slim and functional aesthetics.

This is a pen fit for doodlers or journal writers who fancy the classic pen and ink system than the keyboard. It comes in an amazingly slim design at just 3.5mm thin. Thus, it makes a perfect companion for your book, notebook, or sketchbook as it easily slips within the pages without adding bulk.

Moreover, the CW&T Pen Type-C is light in the hand thanks to its titanium construction. It is made from Grade 5 titanium with a glass bead blast finish to make it durable. It’s precision-machined to house a high-quality cartridge that never leaks or dries up. This pen is compatible with Pilot Hi-Tec-C Colete ink refills that never dries up even when exposed to air.

What makes this worthy to be a part of your writing arsenal is the added functionality of a bookmark. Thus, it’s literally a bookmark pen. It comes with a detachable durable stainless steel clip to keep it anchored to your pocket, book, notebook, shirt, or anywhere else you see fit.

Instead of a pen cover, the CW&T Pen Type-C uses spring steel to protect the tip when not in use. Flip it around to snap into writing position or back for safekeeping. If you’re the fidgety type, then it also helps to keep your hands busy.

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Images courtesy of CW&T