Some people claim the Land Rover Defender is the greatest SUV of all time, and to be honest, it’s hard to argue against that.

The vehicle is so excellent that there are still models running around past their expected lifespan. That’s thanks not to Land Rover but to the restoration and customization shops. These clever folks breathe new life into harried Land Rovers, and it’s a win-win for everybody.

We’re going to focus on the work of one of those firms, Heritage Driven. This shop builds super attractive custom Land Rover Defender, provided you can afford it.

Heritage Driver has a Land Rover Defender package called the “Heritage Overland.” It puts enhancements and modifications to your base Land Rover Defender that prepares it for all your off-the-grid adventures. We’re talking a dual electrical system, dual fuel tanks, a snorkel intake, and a roof rack. There’s also a belly armor, winch, suspension upgrades, plus a buffed-up engine compared to the standard model.

Engine options include a Corvette LS3 at 430 horsepower and Cummins R2.8 at 385 foot-pounds of torque. There’s a bunch more you can choose from, of course. It really depends on what you’ll be using the Land Rover Defender for.

It doesn’t stop there, by the way. Heritage Driven also offers a wide array of other customizable options. You’ll likely put together the perfect ride based on your needs and, more importantly, budget.

If you don’t like overlanding that much, the shop can hook you up with Classic and America editions. They’re a bit more driver-friendly.


Photos courtesy of Heritage Driven