Curtiss Motorcycles has done it again. At this point, should we even be surprised? The shop has put out a coterie of impressive custom jobs in years past. Its newest, called the Curtiss Warhawk, is no different. Like its siblings, the bike is a beastly bang-up job that says, “Screw it. We’re not about subtle.”

Indeed, it’s immediately apparent just after one glance that this is no ordinary ride. But explore its innards and you’ll find an equally impressive array of specs to match. First off, there’s a 132 cubic-inch triple cashaft V-twin engine. That amounts to 150 brake horsepower output — on a bike that weighs 570 pounds.

The chassis, an aluminum monocoque, features a double wishbone parallelogram front fork. There’s also a fabricated rear aluminum swing arm to round out the metallic profile. Top speed is rated at over 165mph. How much does it cost? Well, you can get this one for your garage just for the low, low price of $112,00.

By the way, this is the first Curtiss motorcycle in 105 years, if you can believe that. It’s also the last Curtiss to feature a Petrol V-twin engine. If this is something you think you want, act fast. The shop will make just 36 examples, so you better get that check ready stat. This is also the first and last of its kind, just so you know. Curtiss, which changes its name this year, will switch to all-electric propulsion for their builds moving forward. What a swan song, though.


Photos courtesy of Curtiss Motorcycles