The majority of aftermarket motorcycle modifications we see generally tend to stick with the standard configuration of the donor model. However, there are a few out there that prefer to shy away from the norm. You can say Tim Cumpert is one of those artistic visionaries as he designs this bespoke three-wheel BMW moto called the Cumpert_002.

We’re getting a hint of sci-fi, cyberpunk, and aviation vibes with his custom take on a 1992 BMW R 100R Mystic. The vintage look of this one-off supposedly draws inspiration from pre-war racers. According to the man behind Cumpert Contraptions, this project has been in the making for quite some time.

Work started on the Cumpert_002 way back in 2012 and he considers it as a practice to eventually get good with aluminum sheet fabrication. To accommodate the reverse trike setup, the standard front end of the two-wheeler needed to go. In its place is a frame sourced from an ATV.

With a bit of old-school engineering and TIG welding work, the results are outstanding. According to sources, the suspension arms, shocks, disc brakes and steering linkage of the non-BMW donor machine are all intact. Meanwhile, the Cumpert_002’s rear retains the bike’s original wheel and braking system.

The shop also nudges the boxer engine forward via new anchoring points. The work on the Cumpert_002’s body is remarkable with sections hammered and English-wheeled to form. He keeps the metal bare, which looks drop-dead gorgeous, especially with the visible rivets.

The Cumpert_002 does flaunt a tinge of red toward the back. Rounding out the rest of the add-ons is a windscreen from a Kawasaki Versys, a Triumph Bobber saddle, a Honda brake lever, and Yamaha BT1100 mufflers.

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Images courtesy of Cumpert Contraptions