What makes you so sure that your most private data is really private? Like it or not, you’re going to be hacked. In 2020 alone, 36 billion records were exposed and ransomware increased by 700%. Every message you share, every mail, every photo is held hostage in a proprietary server farm under someone else’s control, which opens the doors to human error. Just recently it came up that OnlyFans employees could access users’ and models’ personal information. This has to stop. You need to secure your data. You need privacy by design. Cubbit is what you need!

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Versatility And Robust Protection

Security is a major concern when it comes to personal information, which is why some folks are still on the fence when it comes to keeping stuff on the cloud. After all, there have been controversial incidents in the past wherein sensitive data was hacked and leaked online.

Cubbit, on the other hand, has been engineered to focus on privacy and safety. Their system uses a similar architecture as that used by BitTorrent. In other words, a peer-to-peer network wherein information is stored in chunks and protected by AES-256 encryption.

Basically, you enjoy the convenience and peace of mind with virtually none of the caveats of most cloud storage services. Unlike competing brands, all you upload and download remain confidential. Never worry about third party groups using it for marketing.

Moreover, the algorithm used by Cubbit is designed so that it never knows anything about the nature of the file and encryption keys. Despite the sophisticated processes, everything is as user-friendly as possible.

Also, in the event of natural disasters, your records stay secure and accessible anytime online. Even traditional storage devices and data centers are prone to unexpected failures. Since multiple copies of your files are in the network, recovery is never an issue.

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Save Money And The Environment

You read that right! Instead of paying monthly or yearly subscription fees for premium features and storage space, Cubbit charges you only once. The company assures users that all functionalities are never behind a paywall and there are no hidden costs to use them.

Massive data centers account for a significant chunk of the world’s power consumption. Modern cloud storage services rely on cutting-edge cooling systems, which draw more from the grid. Therefore, power plants that burn fossil fuels produce even more emissions to meet the demand.

Meanwhile, Cubbit says its platform is 53% to 87% more efficient than its rivals. Eco-friendly is the name of the game here with its promise of a minimal carbon footprint. Don’t take our word for it! Check out their report regarding the matter and learn how it’s possible.

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How Does It Work?

After placing your order online, they will be shipping over the Cubbit Cell. Just hook it up to your router and sign up for the service. Upon activation, users instantly get cloud storage. No need to go through a complicated setup as it’s practically ready to use out of the box.

Aside from the military-grade AES-256 encryption, all files uploaded undergo another process to scramble the data into chunks. The system then creates copies as a contingency and saves these in random Cubbit Cells.

An AI coordinator keeps track every step of the way but is “cryptographically blind” as the company describes it. The entire process goes into reverse whenever a user needs to access the file and so it goes. As of this writing Cubbit already boasts more than 3,500 users globally.

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Our Takeaway

With major partners like CERN, the European Union, and Barclays behind it, this is a brand you can trust. Order your Cubbit Cell now and get 20% off using the discount code: MENSGEAR20. Take it for a spin and see if you like what it brings to the table. If for whatever reason it fails to meet expectations, there’s a 30-day refund policy from the delivery date.

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Images courtesy of Cubbit