A versatile and handy multi-tool that performs various tasks in any given situation is a must when you work in rescue operations or with heavy machinery. A heavy-duty product that gives you more than just two functions is a deal in itself. But the CTAX Multi-Tool gives you an amazing four uses.

This amazing gear works as an axe, hammer, valve wrench, and pry bar. These are important tools that can save lives. The axe features a Tanto-style blade that can easily shatter glass, be it from windows or windshields. The blade is also sharp enough to cut, slice, chop, pierce in material from aluminum, wood metals, and plastics.

Meanwhile, the hammer function of the CTAX Multi-Tool can break open padlocks, door handles, and glass brakes. It can drive nails, brads, and other fasteners into softer materials. It is not only useful during rescue operations but at campouts too when you want to secure tents or do minor repairs.

The Prybar is an essential tool when you want to remove something heavy or gain access or get out of a building. It can easily lift nails, wood planks, metal frames, and more. Lastly, the valve wrench finds its use in turning off gas valves, which can be a difficult task just using your hand’s sheer power.

The features on the CTAX Multi-Tool are not just for show. Their purpose speaks of the product’s durable and high-quality construction. The tool is forged from 4130 steel and comes with aluminum flame-resistant handles. It is portable at just 18 inches long and around 5lbs in weight. Best of all, they come in the colors red, blue, and black.

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Images courtesy of Stone Gryphon Tactical