Following the success of their 2021 Winter House, digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger and architect Alba de la Fuente team up once again on a visually mesmerizing architectural project called The Crystal Residence. It stands out against its desert backdrop with its mirrored facade shining like a radiant monolith, offering a dramatic and somewhat ethereal view of the arid and rugged landscape.

Reisinger on Instagram described the project as “the tangible manifestation of an intellectual adventure” he and de la Fuente embarked upon.” Speaking about the design he admitted that he “was captivated by crystals—their intricate structure, the transformative properties they hold, and their enchanting dance with light.”

As a result of “meticulous research” they “derived an architectural design that encapsulates the essence of crystals and their interaction with light. Alba, with her masterful touch, flawlessly bridged the gap between our visionary concepts and the realities of architectural design.

The Crystal Residence is a testament to our journey of discovery, symbolizing the harmonic between human imagination and the splendor of nature.” The house’s reflective exterior, with its sleek lines and mirrored surfaces, gleams under the sun. Its structure finds “unique resonance with the unforgiving charm of the desert. Like a rare gemstone ensconced within a sea of sand, The Crystal Residence embodies the audacious human spirit.”

Reisinger says the dwelling is a “testament to the symbiotic relationship between human dexterity and the untamed grandeur of the natural world. It provides an extraordinary dwelling while inviting us on a transformative journey.” It is more than a digital marvel as every aspect of its design, from the exterior to the intricate interior layout, was crafted with real-world applicability in mind. The Crystal Residence “transcends the boundaries of traditional architecture, seamlessly blending space and sculpture.”

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Images courtesy of Andrés Reisinger/Instagram