When you’re ready to get out of your cramped workspace and enjoy a few days exploring the great outdoors, grab one piece Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid ($250) plus one piece Survival Kit, and you should have all your necessities covered. Well, at least in the shelter/staying warm department you should be fine.

A one-person-tent that’s easy to setup – even a fine lady with colored nails can assemble it in just minutes – which also functions as a sleeping bag & hammock, the Crua Hybrid is designed to keep your camping gear simplified, compact and on the light side (weighs in at just 7.2lbs/3.3kg). It features a built-in ground sheet, built-in insulated air mattress, a detachable sleeping bag, aircraft-grade aluminium arch poles, a shock chord system, and dual connectability, meaning you can link up with other Hybrid tents universally, so you can start your own little tent city (read: orgy), if that tickles your fancy.

A highly hydrophobic Rip-stop Nylon coating ensures total water-proofness, two strategically-positioned ventilation outlets prevent condensation from forming inside, while the interior bug-proof mesh keeps out unwanted intruders. Set your Crua Hybrid on flat piece of land, or hang it between two trees to sleep suspended in your own private, cozy hammock (holds a total weight of 285lbs/130kg.) Details in the video

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 10

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 9

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 1

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 2

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 3

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 7

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 6

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 5

Crua Tent-Hammock Hybrid 11