There are times when even the world’s leading brands just don’t have exactly what you’re looking for. If that product is not available from the mainstream market, why not check out crowdfunding projects instead? Who knows? You just might stumble upon something cool like this e-Bike called the CrownCruiser. Eschewing conventional design, it’s brimming with sleek stealthy style.

This striking machine is the brainchild and the first campaign by Adebola Adeleye of Sheffield, United Kingdom. As of this writing, we can see that it has already surpassed the original $50,000 goal by 230%. Perhaps the attractive profile of this sustainable mobility platform enhances its appeal.

On the other hand, maybe, it’s the carbon fiber frame. The creator of this e-Bike draws inspiration from British racing. Starting with the monocoque’s composite construction, the CrownCruiser weighs in at just 55 lbs. The robust properties of the material also mean that it can support rides up to 330 lbs.

Pair that with an aerodynamic retro-modern silhouette and you have one stylish two-wheeler. As for the specifics, it boasts a RockShox Monarch RT3 suspension system for that smooth ride. Magura MT4 brakes ensure reliable stopping power when you need it.

When you want to take a break from cycling, let the powerful Bafang single-speed electric motor take over. The high-capacity LG lithium-ion batteries are enough for up to 100 miles between charges. This combination likewise gives the Crowncruiser a top speed of 31 mph.

We like how the chunky tires match the rugged outline of the carbon fiber frame. To discourage theft, the CrownCruiser is equipped with advanced protection technology. We have motion sensors, GPS tracking, and an alarm system to alert others.

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Images courtsy of CrownCruiser