In celebration of Record Store Day, Crosley is releasing a special budget turntable — the Crosley RSD3. Unfortunately, because it’s so tiny, it won’t be able to play full-size vinyls.

That means you’ll need to grab special 3-inch records, which the folks behind Record Store Day are putting up a bunch of to purchase. Each record comes in an artsy sleeve, to boot. To make this minute turntable, Crosley worked closely with Toyokasei, a vinyl manufacturing plant in Japan. It will go on sale on April 13 for $70.

The device is powered by either via USB or a battery. It features a built-in speaker, pitch control, and an aux out. The limited inputs and outputs are reasonable considering how small it is. But it does come with a clear dust cover, just like a typical Technics SL-1200. It also boasts a full-sized Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge. It’s probably not going to provide Earth-shattering audio quality, but it’s a nice novelty. If nothing else, it’s a fun, quirky item perfect for celebrating Record Store Day.

Of course, it’s not the only miniature record player. You can find other models aplenty on eBay or elsewhere. There’s a bunch out there, like the highly sought-after 8-Ban systems. Crosley’s tiny player is a bit classier, sleeker, and closer to modern players in terms of aesthetics. But if you’re looking for a more retro vibe, then you should definitely cop an 8-Ban. Hit the link below to visit Crosley’s site and find out more.