If you want to expand your search for the best custom two-wheelers, it’s best to check out what the international scene has to offer. Take for example this café racer from Crooked Motorcycles they call the Nobilis. This striking project supposedly started after the guys noticed an old-school moto in a garage. Inspiration struck and the rest was history.

As detailed by the shop, the donor bike is a 1972 Honda CB450 that was out of action for a little over eight years. Hence, rather than just leaving it there to gather dust, they’re giving it a new lease on life. You really must give it to the folks whose muses know just what a machine needs to produce a work of mechanical art.

In the case of the Nobilis, it retains a classic charm but likewise touts a contemporary appeal. At first glance, the blackout colorway is already a step in the right direction in our opinion. Of course, we also want to point out that its frame and engine underwent comprehensive restoration work before the tweaks came into play.

It sheds all the unnecessary bulk of the original model to give it a sleeker silhouette. The way the fuel tank slopes and transitions into the brown leather saddle and tail enhance its aerodynamic outline. The Nobilis features clip-on handlebars shod in Biltwell grips and YSS Eco-Line shocks.

What follows are several add-ons from Motogadget like the M.Blaze bar-end indicators, Motoscope Tiny speedometer, and M.Unit. Check out how cool the wrapped exhaust system from Hattech looks on the Nobilis. This goes to show that Crooked Motorcycles knows how to craft a jaw-dropping café racer.

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Images courtesy of Crooked Motorcycles