American actor Matthew Lyn Lillard starred in plenty of Hollywood movies but is held in high regard by geeks for his spot-on live-action portrayal of Shaggy (Norville Rogers) of Scooby-Doo fame. He may not be as prominent on the silver screen as before, but the dude has other ventures that keep him busy. One of those projects caters to Dungeons & Dragons fans with the launch of the Sandkheg’s Hide.

We recently found out he formed a company christened Find Familiar Spirits alongside Justin Ware and Tim Sparapani. The latter two are a screenwriter and cofounder of Blue Run Spirits, respectively. Together, the team is on a campaign to establish a firm foothold in a certain highly competitive market.

Given the world’s ongoing fascination with American whiskey, they’re ready with a cool collaboration. Sandkheg’s Hide is a limited-edition expression curated by both Critical Role and Quest’s End Whiskey. We have a bourbon based on an alcoholic beverage featured in Vox Machina.

Followers of the hit web series will immediately recognize this drink from its name. Meanwhile, the rest of us who failed a saving roll of a D10 dice for confusion are in luck. The Dungeon Master reveals the Sandkheg’s Hide is “produced in the deserts of Marquet from the bile of the sandkheg.”

Thankfully, the liquid inside each bottle is a four-year-old small-batch bourbon that exudes elements of baked apple, oak, shortbread cookie, brown spice, dried red fruit, smoke, and herbaceous notes. The presentation is on another level as the Sandkheg’s Hide looks straight out of a D&D-based fantasy franchise. 

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Images courtesy of Critical Role/Quest’s End Whiskey