Having a cooler full of food & beverage makes any trip on lake or river a special treat. The big problem is usually in putting up with the bulk of that essential cooler in the boat, if you can even fit one in. Now CreekKooler has solved that problem with style – instead of keeping a cooler in the boat – make a boat out of the cooler!

The CreekKooler Floating Cooler ($180) is shaped like a small kayak, so you can tow it along behind your boat, canoe, or kayak. The circular cap into the kayak cooler has a screw lid for extra protection against water intrusion into the ice chamber, as well as four molded in cup holders. The foam insulation keeps the insides chill all day while providing flotation for this tow-behind icebox.

The KreekKooler has a 30 quart capacity which is sufficient to hold 30 x 12 ounce cans and twenty pounds of ice, to keep it all at that perfect temperature for relaxing in a floating paradise. [via]