Back in the day, people dreamt of a future wherein household chores were delegated to robotic servants. It may have seemed far-fetched at the time, but who knew that it would eventually turn into reality, albeit a little differently. Technology has advanced way beyond expectations which makes it possible for products like the X1 to become more than just a novel concept.

As a responsible individual, you are expected to practice basic housework. Thankfully, there are plenty of smart-enabled devices and appliances, just like the X1, to make our lives a little easier. Sweeping and mopping the floors now and then is essential for the upkeep of any dwelling.

Unfortunately, we typically neglect to do the same for our beds, couches, or seats. Studies show mattresses, pillows, and cushions are likely infested with dust mites. These pests, along with other contaminants, are the leading causes of allergies and other illnesses if left to proliferate.

Drawing inspiration from robot vacuums, the X1 is the high-tech solution for any home. Creatulize introduces a cutting-edge platform to handle a specific tedious task. Say goodbye to dust mites, pet hair, and other irritants as it throughly cleans every inch. 

The three-fold process involves, vibration, suction, and sterilization. The X1 performs these in quick succession as it navigates an optimal path to cover all surfaces. Sensors can detect obstacles and also keeps its away from the edges.

Its roller oscillates and vibrates at a rate of 15,000 per minute to dislodge any particles and dust mites. This is followed by the 14AW suction power which directs everything to a HEPA filtration system. Finally, four UV-C LEDs rated at a 270 nm wavelength performs a thorough disinfection.

There are three modes — each suitable for specific cleaning scenarios. Engage manual mode to turn the X1 into a handheld hoover for uneven surfaces like pillows, armrests, and others. Creatulize states that a full charge is enough for an hour of continuous operation. As of this writing, this Kickstarter project already has 833 backers and has exceeded its $5,000 goal at $141,031.

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Images courtesy of Creatulize