Books make for a great gift and what better book for a guy than a peek into the workings of the creative gadget master himself, Steve Jobs.

Out of all his talents, his detailed analytic eye and design approach was what intrigued us most. Get inspired by his genius by grabbing your own copy of Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs.

One software engineer working at Apple in the midst of Jobs’ most successful and creative work was Ken Kocienda. He tells us of what he experienced in the presence of his work and how Jobs led a small group to create one of the most iconic designs of this century.

Kocienda is no slouch either. He spent all of 15 years playing with different UI concepts while working at Apple and makes for an apt narrator. This fantastic read outlines the challenges attached to these tasks at a forward-thinking company with a high regard for aesthetic brilliance and amazing design.

If you’re a tech type of guy and a bit of a Steve Jobs groupie, you don’t have to admit it to us but go out and find yourself a copy of this one-of-a-kind story. Or maybe get a copy for your nerdy pals.

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