Nobody wants to lose their way when out in the wild. Even the most experienced outdoorsman can sometimes mistakenly take a wrong turn every once in a while. As such, GPS-enabled devices can come in handy. Meanwhile, Garmin is ready to help out with the eTrex Solar — a handheld navigator with virtually unlimited battery life.

Although it sounds too good to be true, innovations in photovoltaic systems and batteries can technically make it possible. With a solid reputation spanning over three decades, this unit is ideal for folks regularly hitting the trails for extended periods. Never compromise your safety and take all necessary precautions before any hike.

As its name says, the eTrex Solar can continuously top up its batteries when exposed to sunlight. Ideally, 75,000 lux conditions ensure everything remains operational. Multi-band GPS provides remarkable positional accuracy, while the digital compass keeps you on track in the right direction. As long as it is fully charged, Garmin claims it can last up to 200 hours.

Exposure to unpredictable weather conditions is something experienced trekkers are accustomed to, but electronics are a different story. Therefore, the eTrex Solar is rated to withstand almost anything nature throws your way with its IPX7 certification. Speaking of weather, get real-time forecasts when connected to the Garmin Explore app.

It measures 2.5” x 4.1”x 1.2” and weighs only about 5.0 ounces. The 2.2″ transflective monochrome display sits under a chemically strengthened glass cover and boasts 240 x 320 pixels. Access Geocaching Live on your eTrex Solar to receive automatic updates alongside hints, descriptions, and more. As you can see, this product is a must-have for adventurers as their main navigation device or as a reliable backup.

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Images courtesy of Garmin