After years of calling for Sony’s return to the handheld gaming segment, they’re finally giving in to our demands. Unfortunately, the product in question is not exactly what we had in mind. It appears the company is set on expanding the PlayStation 5’s catalog of first-party accessories with the official announcement of the PlayStation Portal.

Although we would have wanted this to be Sony’s latest portable gaming platform, it serves a different purpose entirely. As they would have it, the PlayStation Portal is a dedicated device for its Remote Play feature. The option is supported by the PS3, PS4, and PS, which allows for game streaming anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

The PlayStation Portal, on the other hand, is a new hardware that exists solely for the aforementioned purpose. Therefore, you can only imagine the tepid reception when it was revealed. Plus, the fact that it’s carrying a $200 price is somewhat difficult to justify for the capabilities it brings to the table.

According to press materials, Sony’s cloud streaming service and PlayStation VR2 titles are not compatible. However, despite the limitations, the design and ergonomics seem to be its biggest selling points. We’re looking at an 8” LCD touchscreen with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The built-in speakers offer a modest audio output, but a 3.5 mm headphone jack should take care of that.  Flanking each side of the PlayStation Portal are grips that resemble the DualSense and sport the same button layout, with integrated haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and analog sticks.

To make up for the missing touchpad, we have a capacitive screen. As for battery life, Sony claims the PlayStation Portal should last somewhere between seven to nine hours on a full charge. Instead of Bluetooth, it uses the new PlayStation Link wireless technology to pair with the new PULSE Explore TWS earbuds and PULSE Elite headphones. Expect it to hit store shelves before the year ends.

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Images courtesy of Sony