Do you own a dress shirt for your formal suit? For those who do, some of the items in your wardrobe may have buttons to close the cuffs together. Meanwhile, there are those that require cufflinks instead. If you are in the market for more of the latter, the Wilsdorf Collection is a cool accessory alternative.

We all know how a classy timepiece can add a measure of style to your outfit. Hence, Creamy Patina takes the allure of timekeeping and incorporates it into a pair of cufflinks. The Wilsdorf Collection is a unique concept akin to that of a pocket watch. Instead of on your wrists or pockets, however, this places your timekeeper on the cuffs.

We know it’s somewhat a niche product, but who could resist the charm it brings to the table? There are four designs to choose from: Cuffmariner, Cuffany, Cufftona, and Cuffgaus. Those with a keen eye for watches will notice that each of these in the Wilsdorf Collection resembles an iconic Rolex timepiece.

We have the Submariner, Oyster Perpetual Tiffany & Co., Daytona, and Milgauss. Of course, to prevent any copyright issues, Creamy Patina makes some aesthetic changes. All of these cufflinks feature 304 stainless-steel cases measuring 22 mm and 24 mm. A mineral crystal cover also provides protection.

The Wilsdorf Collection is more than just for show. The watches on each cufflink are totally functional. Use the crown to adjust the time so you just quickly glance at your wrists to check. Each model is packing a Seiko Japanese quartz movement. These ship out in a stylish container, but you can purchase an official vegan leather-wrapped case with a suede interior.

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Images courtesy of Creamy Patina