If you’re looking for something to toss on after a long relaxing bath or something to lounge in, nothing beats the feel of soft and warm cotton on your skin. It gives comfort like the loving embrace of a loved one. For some, the touch and feel of cotton feel like home. They consider it as their go-to comfort after a long day at work, a tiring routine at the gym. They also simply choose to snuggle with in bed. With this in mind, lifestyle brand Craftsman Show only produces the finest cotton garments to give you the relaxation you need in the comfort of your home.

Our skin plays an important role in gauging what is good and not when it comes to what we wear. Rough and heavy-textured fabrics just won’t cut it. They’re pure torture to our touch and uncomfortable to wear. What our skin needs is something soft, light, and breathable. Something that makes us smile and go “ahhh” the moment it caresses our body.

Craftsman Show prides itself in its aim to give you a “sensationally comforting and uplifting experience at home” with their bathrobe and towel collection. The brand guarantees that its products are not only soft and warm to the touch but also light for an overall all-day comforting experience.

Created to strict perfection

Craftsman Show

Inspired by Japan’s long tradition of “Ofuro,” which means “taking a bath,” Craftsman Show produces high-quality towels and bathrobes that give pleasure even by its mere touch. Their collection hails from Japan’s renowned Imabari City off the Shikoku island which has been crafting luxury towels in over 120 years.

Craftsman Show abides by the “five-second rule” in towel manufacturing in the Imabari Towel Industrial Association to maintain the highest quality standards. This rule requires a fragment of the towel to be placed on a flat water surface to see if it submerges or floats. If it sinks within five seconds then it meets the strict absorbency standards set by the association. The end result, you get impossibly soft towels and bathrobes that you just can’t resist.

Moreover, the towels and bathrobes are made with only the finest cotton grown in the U.S. So you get a product that is not only light, soft, and comfortable but also has a volume that surpasses any of their kind.

Bath Towels – $65.00

Craftsman Show

Woven to softness and lightness, the Craftsman Show bath towels are made via the “focus method.” This process takes into consideration the area at the center of the cotton threading so you get small air pockets that give the towels their water absorbency and quick-dry features.

The bath towels come in the size 26.7″ x 55.1″ and in the colors white, gray, and brown.

Hand Towels – $35.00

Craftsman Show

Meanwhile, the Craftsman Show hand towels are created with the same “focus method” to make it extremely water-absorbent and quick-drying. Perfect for days at the gym, the hand towels feel soft and amazing to the skin. It comes in the size 13.4″ x 32.3″ and in gray, brown, and white colors.

Bathrobes – $150.00

Craftsman Show

Bathrobes don’t just serve their purpose after a shower. They are great to wear to sleep too and even when you’re just at home relaxing and lounging. They feel warm and comforting wrapped around the body and Craftsman Show’s bathrobes are extremely light and soft that you don’t want to part with them.

Just like the brand’s hand towels and towels collection, their bathrobes are also water-absorbent and dry up fast. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. The sizes come with a helpful indication relevant to your height: small (5’2″ – 5’6″), medium (5’7″ – 5’11”) and large (over 5’11”).

The Perfect Gift Items

Craftsman Show

The Craftsman Show bath towels, hand towels, and bathrobe collection are perfect gift ideas for friends, family, colleagues, and newly-weds. They come in a special, elegant, and high-quality gift box for storage. The brand even offers the bath and hand towel set ($95) so you can give them the best of both worlds. After all, nothing is more special than showing that you care for their comfort and relaxation with a bathroom garment purely made from high-quality soft cotton.

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