Contemporary and futuristic designs occasionally incorporate retro elements into their concepts to enhance their appeal. People tend to easily connect with something familiar even if it’s just minor. As such, one 3D concept designer shares an electric moto concept dubbed the CR-Dos – Ghost. This two-wheeler leverages a theme that has become surprisingly popular these days.

It looks like Gurmukh Bhasin might have been inspired by the resurging popularity of transparent enclosures. So far, we’ve seen this applied to smartphones, speakers, turntables, earbuds, headphones, power banks, and more. Honestly, his stylish take on an eco-friendly motorcycle is not the first one we’ve stumbled upon.

That distinction belongs to the Nu’Clear bike concept by Mikhail Smolyanov. In contrast, the CR-Dos – Ghost applies the see-through approach in a more practical manner, as it forms a protective barrier between the battery and the rider. As we all know these sustainable power sources tend to generate a lot of heat when in use.

Putting that aside momentarily, we’re looking at a sleek café racer with a bold stance. Although there are curves in some sections, these are minimal as its frame and sub-frame opt for geometric shapes and aggressive edges. In between the cutouts of its chassis peeks the battery and the electric drive unit.

The black and yellow color scheme of the CR-Dos – Ghost is a fitting choice as warns others to take caution. We can also spot a mono-shock suspension assigned to the swingarm, while upside-down forks handle whatever comes its way from the front. More yellow accents appear on the handlebar ends, fork adjustment knobs, and brake calipers.

LED projector headlights and taillights in light blue and red, respectively, ensure visibility when it t gets dark. Unfortunately, Bhasin did not provide the technical details regarding the output and range of the CR-Dos – Ghost. Probably, we’ll know more if it ever leaves the concept phase.

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Images courtesy of Gurmukh Bhasin/Behance