Wireless charging technology has come a long way since it made a splash a few years back. Now, the dominant standard is Qi, which is supported by a huge number of devices. Some of the most popular gadgets that rely on the tech are usually smartphones and smartwatches, but newer stuff such as the Apple AirPods are now compatible with a specific case. Comparing it to regular charging methods, it is as simple as placing your device on a wireless charging mat. If you prefer a cord-free experience while on the go, then the Carry from Courant is a perfect partner.

This device is a classy power bank wrapped in premium pebble-grain leather from Italy. Its design is certainly fashionable and even comes in five colourways. It might not be the first of its kind to feature wireless charging, but it does have one cool functionality onboard. Courant specifies that users can just prop it on top of a wireless charging surface to fill up its tanks. Technically, owners no longer need cables to charge this portable power source.

Moreover, it is capable of stackable charging. It means your wireless charger will charge the Carry and the power bank will charge another device on top of it. This seems like a well-thought-out plan from Courant. The 8,000 mAh capacity should be good for at least two full charges. You can be sure that it will support a wide range of devices with its Qi certification. Overall, we think that other brands should also consider using this tech.

Courant Carry – $150

Images courtesy of Courant