The holiday season is a great time to finally give in to the temptation and upgrade your gear. Console gamers might also want to check their favorite retailers for stocks of the Sony PlayStation 5 or Microsoft Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, those on PC could also splurge for the latest GPUs or maybe a new keyboard like the Corsair K100 AIR.

Players who are into competitive matches will tell you that a wired setup always has an edge. However, if you prefer to keep your workstation clutter-free, wireless options are always the ideal way to go. Nevertheless, most folks tend to stay away from Bluetooth due to latency issues. Thankfully, Corsair addresses this with versatile connectivity options.

Depending on the scenario, the K100 AIR supports USB wired, Bluetooth, and the brand’s SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology. The latter promises seamless performance with a longer range. This is ideal for gamers who hook up their rigs to a bigger display in their living room or man cave. This allows them to sit at a comfortable distance away from the screen.

Another aspect that Corsair considers is the tactile feel of a mechanical switch. There’s just something satisfying each time a button press emits that distinctive click. At only 11 mm thick, the K100 AIR uses low-profile Cherry MX units to deliver reliably responsive inputs. The 0.8 mm actuation instantly translates into on-screen action for that immersive experience.

The sleek aluminum frame looks classy with its blackout brushed finish. Customizable RGB lighting also enhances low-light visibility. Corsair says the K100 AIR’s battery is enough for up to 50 hours of wireless use with adaptive brightness activated. Turn the lights off to enjoy up to 200 hours before it needs a recharge.

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Images courtesy of Corsair