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The Corridor Bar ($2,199) is a gorgeous, highly functional home bar that allows you to host parties like a pro. The only problem when you own one, is that your friends might never want to leave your house.

Mixing style and function, the cabinet features double louvered doors which open fully, providing access to horizontal racks that can hold up to 12 wine bottles, as well as storage for plenty of booze bottles, glassware and bar tools on shelves and doors. The bar also sports a wooden stemware rack for wine/cocktail glasses and a small drawer for additional storage, while the black, micro-etched glass top is perfect for mixing drinks and it cleans up easily. Measuring 41” x 35” x 18.5”, the sleek cabinet rests on adjustable leveling feet and is available in Chocolate Stained Walnut and White Oak finishes. Made in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

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