For the serious biker, the helmet is the first line of defense against serious head injury. With the advent of the Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet ($120) you can step it up to a fully integrated high-tech accessory to the ride.

Making use of Bluetooth technology, the helmet is the world’s first to offer open ear construction for full awareness of the environmental situations around you, while providing audio for music, phone calls, or group communication through a bone conduction system built right into the helmet. Pared with the “Smart Remote” attached to the handlebars it uses simple buttons to manipulate while keeping your eyes on the road. With a downloadable iOS or Android app to manage GPS ride details, stats, routes, voice navigation and voice data. There is even a built-in emergency alert, pre-programmed to send a GPS alert in case of a serious impact.

The Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet is safety certified in both the USA and Europe and comes with a full one year warranty with a crash replacement program. Combining hi-tech with a lightweight construction, this safe and feature-filled helmet is also highly weather-proof, so a bit of rain doesn’t need to slow you down.