Tempe, Arizona based State Bicycle Company is well known for its superb Core-Line ($299) series of unique and limited edition bicycles. Available now in 2 fresh new colorways and an all-black model, the fixies & single-speed bikes are the perfect low-cost option for urban commuting.

Built on a durable steel frame, the bikes feature riser-bars with Vans “waffle pattern” grips and incorporate a flip-flop multi-mode hub for both freewheel & fixed gear styles of riding. The new line arrives in singular colorways for a smooth, classic finish: the sleek Wulf Matte Black, the Beorn Classic Teal & Chrome, and the juicy Wyldcat Killer Matte Cherry Red Paint.

Designed for those needing a simple, fun bike for the day-to-day without stressing working class budgets, these practical man-powered 2 wheelers will add a spark of color (or match your stealth style) on your passage along the way.