Chicken eggs are great sources of nutrients and vitamins that many incorporate into their diets. As long as consumption is in moderation and there are no underlying health issues, you can enjoy its benefits without worry. Many are now raising chickens at home. If you plan to do so as well, check out the COOP.

With a growing number of companies integrating smart features into almost anything, the COOP is doing so for farming enthusiasts. As long as your backyard is spacious enough, this high-tech chicken coop is a versatile and convenient solution for modern homes.

According to the manufacturer, this is the culmination of over 10,000 hours of development. As you can see, every aspect of its design touts exceptional craftsmanship and its functionalities are accessible to professionals and newbies alike.

It offers 28 square feet of floor area with a 60-inch roosting space and two nesting sections. Dimensions are 100.9” 31.96” x 54.8” (L x W x H) and it weighs around 172 lbs. Overall, it can accommodate up to six chickens comfortably. The COOP is fabricated out of double-wall recycled plastic.

Ventilation systems above and below efficiently keep the interiors cool during summer and warm in winter. There are also removable feeders and watering stations for your birds. It stands 18 inches above the ground and comes with a ladder for easy access. Swinging doors make it easy for owners to open and harvest eggs.

Wi-Fi-enabled controls and cameras mean you can check everything remotely and open or close the COOP doors at will. These can open during sunrise and close at night automatically as well. Fresh eggs are finally just a few steps away when you have this at home.

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Images courtesy of COOP