It looks like working from home is here to say for a couple of years more. With no definite end in sight yet for the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing remains the best course of action to prevent new infections. Therefore, don’t hesitate to grab that desk for your home office or perhaps the Orb X from Cooler Master.

If you’re a PC gamer, then this might be what you want to splurge on. Cooler Master is not the first company out there to give consumers an all-in-one gaming desk/gaming chair solution. Renowned brands such as Acer and Razer have unveiled their own take on the platform.

One thing’s for sure, there are consumers who are interested in this niche product. What the Orb X brings to the table are comfort and immersion. It is unlike the Thronos which looks like an extraterrestrial construct and the Project Brooklyn which touts a panoramic flexible OLED panel.

Instead, what Cooler Master presents is a semi-enclosed design that somehow gives users a measure of privacy. The dome is motorized and can support up to three 27-inch monitors. Even without the use of headphones, the surround sound speakers deliver immersive audio.

Meanwhile, the integrated recliner touts superior lumbar support, an adjustable headrest, and a footrest. Plus, there’s LED lighting on the edge and select sections for those who want it. We would rather spend long hours working or gaming with the Orb X over a traditional desk and chair.

No need to leave your console or gaming rig out in the open. Cooler Master allows you to store them inside a rear hatch for that cohesive look. It also addresses the issue of poor cable management as everything appears to be housed within the frame of the Orb X.

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Images courtesy of Cooler Master