Building a man cave ranks high as an exciting home renovation project, and these require proper planning to turn that den into precisely the sort of getaway space you want. Tips to a style man cave are as follows:

1. Sports Bar

A sports bar theme makes for the supreme man cave. Kick back with your friends on comfy sofas and watch the sport in comfort. You might choose to put up numerous screens to view multiple games at the same time. Add in sports memorabilia like framed shirts, hats and scarves for a man cave wall set.

Sporting equipment, such as cricket bats, footballs or even a basketball hoop, will look great too. You could decorate your man cave in your favourite team’s colors. Remember, it’s your area, so you get to choose whatever decor you want!

2. A Man Spa

Consider it an area of tranquillity, where you can seek shelter from the outside world. Sublime touches, especially like an open pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi, can add in some serious luxury elements. Small details like fluffy white robes and flickering scented candles add to the spa feel.

If you have plenty of room, you could even add a steam room or a sauna. When it comes to man cave decor for your home spa, a sleek monochrome palette exudes a sophisticated touch.

3. Jam Session


A musical framed print by Canvaspop is perfect for wall displays. You can put up the framed canvas of your furry buddy, autographed vinyl, music posters, or even your guitar collection. If you do play an instrument, you might need a staging area as a place to perform in your very own music club. Just remember to sound-proof your space, especially if you’re thinking of man cave ideas for basement renovations.

4. Home Theater

If films are more your thing, a home theatre is another beautiful way to renovate an extra room into an epic man cave. Your priorities should be setting your home theatre seating and selecting the right screen or projector for the ultimate home theatre experience.

However, it’s also essential to consider speaker arrangement and constructing the right finishing touches with perfect lighting. Additional details such as a popcorn machine and film posters as a man cave set also give it that theatre vibe. However, you might need to ignore the patterned carpets and old-fashioned decor that cinemas tend to favor. Instead, keep stuff more modern with wooden flooring, dark walls, and metallic accents.

5. Games Room

For an awesome way to keep you and your buddies entertained, a gaming-centric man cave is an ultimate theme. A pool table is an outstanding option for a games room. However, remember, you require sufficient space around the table to ensure that a wall doesn’t get in the way of you making a shot.

A foosball table and air hockey are perhaps some of the entertaining ways to get competitive with your friends. For those with a lot of room, you might also consider putting in a bowling alley to your man cave.

If video games are more your thing, arrange a comfortable seating space where you and your friends can gather around a screen to play against one another. Or, you might go dor several smaller screens so that each player has their screen to focus on.

A bar could be a nice touch for your gaming man cave as you’re bound to work up a thirst with all the matches. And as for decor, dark wood and walls in jewel shades give an elegant yet cozy touch. Or, you could go for a clean, modern look with light color and metallic accents.

6. A Faux Casino

For smaller spaces, a sole card table illuminated by a chandelier will add some Vegas-style attraction to your man cave. If you have more space, your man cave could pack in multiple gaming tables. A craps or roulette table could make things look super authentic.

Next would be a private area with a poker table surrounded by high-backed leather chairs as a delightful touch. You can also add a slot machine for solo gambling. To match the theme, hold to darker shades for your floor and walls, and add in a lot of polished wood for a relaxing yet sophisticated feel.

7. The Bar

In general, most drinkers appreciate the communal aspect of hanging out with friends to put the world to rights over a few bottles. Suppose you wish to add decorative touches, individual ashtrays, especially if cigars are your stuff. The bottle collection along the wall is a beautiful way to celebrate your favourite spirits — wine in this case, but some would prefer craft beer instead.

To make the space as creative as possible, it’d be an excellent idea to add a sink and ice bucket into the alcove at the end and a hidden fridge inside those cabinets to store your limes, mixers and soda water. Add a rare special bottle on either side of the alcove.



An area to unwind, relax and get away from the outside world. It doesn’t really matter what your ideal man cave may look like. Remember, this personal sanctuary should be distinctively your own. An area where you’re free to “express” your attitude. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles or designs. Try out an elegant, mid-century desk, hardwood floors, or textured wallpaper. Hang some painting on the walls. Above all, aim to create a living space that is refined and modern.