For hose who don’t need to take down a bear, the Cool Hand Super Light Knife ($43) is a very classy little folding pocket piece that will handle just fine your daily shenanigans. At only 3″ folded, the blade is just under 2″ long for a 5.13″ total length and just under 1 ounce in weight.

The secret to this tiny knife’s appeal starts out with either a carbon fiber or G10 synthetic handle in a variety of colors. The blade, while being very thin, 0.08″, it is made with either polished black ceramic or 67-layer Damascus steel. It has a “tip down” pocket clip and comes with a lanyard hole for multiple carrying options, plus a frame lock blade for confident use. The super sharp tip is said to handle jobs as surgically as an Xacto precision knife. While it may not stand up to rugged cutting jobs, this little fella is perfect for around the home and office work. [via]