The Concept 439 House from designer Roman Vlasov boasts a strong and menacing vibe with its sharp yet sleek form. It looks stealthy it is perfect for a supervillain.

This house boasts a distinctly conceptualized frame that fits within its rocky topography. Its linear design sits suspended on a strong pedestal to make it look like it is defying gravity. It is securely anchored to the jagged shoreline with one side moving farther away from the coast to make it look like it’s floating on water. This positioning gives a great visual advantage to the dweller, so they can have unobstructed panoramic views of the mountains and ocean through floor-to-ceiling glazed windows. 

Like any villain in a movie, the Concept 439 House is untouchable, so to speak. It’s not somewhere anyone just goes off to because of its remote location. Someone would have to have a very good reason to venture there and the only way to get there is either through a helicopter/helipad or via boat or yacht. This further cements it as an ideal dwelling for someone who wants optimum privacy or secrecy. 

The best thing about the design is it is in harmony with its natural topography. The structure causes little disruption to the natural terrain or has a minimal physical impact on the landscape. Instead, it only blends into it. Vlasov achieved this by creating a dwelling with a minimal footprint. The Concept 439 House spans across one expansive single floor with a simple internal layout. It is split right down in the middle for privacy. 

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Images courtesy of Roman Vlasov