Guys exclusively drinking whiskey produced and bottled by the usual acclaimed labels only, they’re definitely missing out! Although we encourage our readers to stick with what they like, the usual routine can lead to burnout. If you crave something new, Compass Box offers two expressions for your senses to sample: Flaming Heart and Ultramarine.

These names evoke a spirit of adventure which is exactly what drinkers are in for with these blended scotches. We know some of you might be snobbish when it comes to whiskey, but it’s time to dive into the unknown. Maybe with the help of Compass Box, you’ll discover a new favorite along the way.

Let’s start with the Ultramarine, which they’re bottling at 51% ABV. The man behind the blend is James Saxon as he draws inspiration from spirits that debuted in the late 1980s. Ingredients from Glendullan, Caol Ila, Girvan, and Cameronbridge distilleries.

Along with several other blends, everything comes together to create this scotch. Notes of pipe tobacco and sherry are the highlights says Compass Box. Up next from the lead whiskey maker is the Flaming Heart.

This blended scotch enters its crystal vessel at 48.9% ABV and is a must-try for drinkers who love a smoky profile. The product page reads, “this is our seventh edition of Flaming Heart, the whisky that revels in the harmonies between heavy peat and toasted French oak.”

Just like the navigational instrument of its namesake, Compass Box is eager to point you in the right direction. Your blended scotch journey begins in October with the Ultramarine limited to 5,430 bottles. It then continues the month after with the Flaming Heart at only 9,606 examples available.

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Images courtesy of Compass Box