Camping chairs provide a versatile sitting arrangement wherever and whenever. Whether you’re off to the beach, to a backyard BBQ, the garden, or any outdoor activity. But when you’re on the heavy side and want comfort all the way, then not just any chair will do. The Comfort Pro Rocker, on the other hand, fits the bill with its ergonomic and tough construction.

This chair rocks, literally. It can take an amazing 300 pounds of load and lets you lean back in comfort sans the fear of it collapsing under your weight. This is all thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum frame and spring-action rocking technology that takes the weight all in. You can kick back, relax, and lounge in comfort.

Moreover, the Comfort Pro Rocker features a mesh backrest made from durable nylon that fully supports your back. The mesh design also allows for breathability as it lets air flow continually. Despite the heft it can carry, this chair does not add bulk to your pack. It only weighs 9.3 pounds and is compact enough that it has its own carrying bag. It measures 44.1 inches long and 7.1 inches wide with a depth of 5.5 inches when folded. When opened it’s at 36 inches x 34.8 inches x 24.4 inches. You can also opt for the adjustable strap so you can sling it over your shoulder during transport.

Best of all, this camping gear sets up in one step so you can dedicate the time to the fun and adventure. It even comes with a beverage and phone holder for superior convenience.

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Images courtesy of GCI Outdoor