Are you one of the many who now own EVs? For those who are and are also outdoor enthusiasts, have you considered a camper trailer designed for long off-grid escapades? If the answer is yes, Colorado Teardrops might just have the ideal platform. Billed as an “EV camper trailer,” the Boulder is designed from the ground up with green motoring in mind.

As the company name suggests, this model touts a teardrop outline. According to the manufacturer, a working prototype is already undergoing testing and full production should soon follow. Interested buyers can now place their orders with deliveries slated for sometime in 2023.

In the images from Colorado Teardrops, the Boulder is hooked up to a Tesla Model Y. However, at a dry weight of 2,200 lbs., it’s better to pair it with an electric SUV or pickup truck instead. The frame is aircraft aluminum for durability and toughness without compromising weight.

Its exterior is clad in aluminum available in several color options. Meanwhile, the structure’s insulation ensures superior comfort throughout the seasons. To give the interior a cozy atmosphere, Hickory wood lines the walls and floor of the Boulder. The queen-size mattress and a duo of bunk beds can sleep up to four.

Colorado Teardrops outfits the camper trailer with a 75 kWh battery system. It can recharge your EV and operate other electronics as well. Add the solar panel upgrade to recharge anywhere when the sun is out. The rear of the Boulder opens to reveal a galley for meal preparation and more. Don’t forget to deck it out with optional add-ons.

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Images courtesy of Colorado Teardrops