Netherlands-based Collectief Soepel repurposed a decommissioned Swiss fire engine and turned it into a minimalist motorhome big and functional enough to serve a family. 

Collectief Soepel, a six-man creative, transformed the 4×4 Mercedes Vario for a family of five. The interior made use of the space as much as possible, but without it being crampy. It boasts fully-functional areas with cubby holes in walls and small windows for natural lighting and ventilation.

Collectief Soepel closely collaborated with the customer on the interior design. They also worked on the technology and construction aspects with Doncamp. The interior focuses on a balance of practical use of space and a sense of space. The result is a beautiful interior full of natural shapes and materials. For this motorhome, the team used birch plywood with an ash worktop for the kitchen.

Then there’s a round window accentuated by a wall cabinet with a curved bottom. Meanwhile, the rest of the wall units have doors that come from 100% recycled GOGO plastics. Many details of the home are made of Platowood, which is a sustainable choice for façade cladding and interior installation since it doesn’t use chemicals to bring out the characteristics of the wood.

Collectief Soepel incorporated sleeping spaces in ideal places. There’s an alcove beside the dining area and one near the kitchen accessible via climbing handles. The kitchen comes with a sink and a built-in oven and across from it is the toilet. Meanwhile, a small ladder leads to the doorway of the motorhome.

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Images courtesy of Collectief Soepel