As the temperatures begin to soar this summer, switch to appropriate clothing to beat the heat. Cotton is king when it comes to comfort so pick your shirts, pants, and shorts accordingly. Let’s not forget footwear as well. A day at the pool, beach, river, lake, and other recreational bodies of water calls for something like the 4.ZERØGRAND by Cole Haan.

Yes sir! Nothing beats flip-flops and slides when it comes to relaxation, so these should be mainstays in your arsenal. Among the two, the latter is preferred by most thanks to how easy they are to wear and take off.

Cole Haan’s take on this type of footwear takes all the characteristics that make them popular and sprinkles some welcome upgrades. As the product page tells us the 4.ZERØGRAND is excellent for “sunny days, kicking back, and traveling.”

These three are not necessarily in any order but if any are in your immediate future, the 4.ZERØGRAND sandals should be on your feet. It features a soft-molded EVA upper with a Velcro closure system for a perfect fit. The manufacturer even adds adjustable straps so you can fine-tune them further.

Cole Haan’s proprietary GRANDFØAM provides exceptional shock absorption and energy return. This means each step you take is efficient and minimizes overall fatigue. If your day involves a lot of walking, the 4.ZERØGRAND is ready for action.

No worries about water damage as the materials in its construction will withstand moisture. Furthermore, it makes the 4.ZERØGRAND so easy to clean. Just rinse your slides, shake off excess water, slip them on, or let them dry. Cool Haan offers them in three colorways: Navy Ink-Dress Blue, Sleet, or black.

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Images courtesy of Cole Haan