Enjoy freshly frozen treats in a snap with the ColdSnap. This machine makes yogurt, cocktails, ice cream, smoothies, and frozen coffee in under two minutes.

You don’t have to run to a cafe or a restaurant to satisfy your cravings for frozen food and drinks. This a cool kitchen gadget suited for personal, family, or office use since it takes up limited space on your kitchen pantry or snack bar. It measures 9″W x 17.25″H x 17.5″ D and weighs 50 lbs.

The ColdSnap machine works with shelf-stable, ambient temperature sterilized ColdSnap pods. It uses a proprietary, high-powered refrigeration system that rapidly freezes and dispenses the contents in the pod. It scans the QR code printed on the pod to determine the optimal freezing temperature and guides the user with the necessary steps through a built-in LED display.

What makes this machine different from its kind is it dispenses smaller ice crystal sizes. This means you get ice cream that is smoother and creamier than those bought from stores. The yogurt even has a velvety texture while cocktails (Margaritas, Daiquiris, and Pina Coladas) have a silky consistency. It also does not require cleaning and obviously lessens the preparation time to make frozen desserts and beverages. Best of all, it does not require a “re-cooling” phase so you can continuously create frozen confections.

The ColdSnap machine is very easy to operate too. There is no plumbing required, no cartridges, and no filters. Simply plug it in and follow the on-screen instructions on the LED display to start freezing. The pods are also recyclable, do not need to be refrigerated, and have a shelf life of up to a year.

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Images courtesy of ColdSnap