Poland-based collector’s club Wealth Solutions has recently teamed up with the Italian luxury lifestyle manufacturer Montegrappa to create a collectible that is not only beautiful but practical as well – the Cognac Fountain Pen ($5,900).

Just like fine cognac barrels, the pen’s body is crafted from oak wood carved with decorative motifs of grape leaves and barrel staves. As for the nibs, of the total of 110 Cognac Pens made, 100 are in sterling silver and 10 are in gold and come in both men’s and women’s editions. The pen can be refilled via either a converter or ink cartridge.

What makes the pen so rare & collectible is what is housed in a small capsule at the head of the cap. Wealth Solutions recently acquired a bottle of cognac that was laid down in 1762 – registered by the Guinness World Records as the oldest cognac ever sold at auction. This rare liquid has been divvied up, each pen holding a small dollop of the 250 year old spirit gleaming from the end.