One cannot argue the fact that coffee tastes better out of a ceramic mug. This is because ceramic is a neutral material and does not impart any flavor that destroys the taste of java.  As such, coffee lovers would always prefer to sip from those made with earthenware just like the Coffeify’s Mountain And Sea mug. 

This is literally Pinterest and Instagram ready. No need for filters as its rustic attractive black to turquoise gradient glaze alone instantly captures the eyes. It is also aesthetically a stand-out with a wooden handle paired with its ceramic body. Then it is finished off with a stone-like texture to exude an earthy and warm vibe and for good grip. At the base is a relief-work of mountains and oceans for an added natural touch. 

The Coffeify’s Mountain And Sea mug is quite versatile. It’s not for coffee alone as it comes with a removable container with a mesh base, perfect to steep those tea leaves or ground coffee beans. It also comes with a lid to keep your drink warm for as long as possible.

This travel-ready mug is heat resistant up to 302°F so you can safely warm the liquid inside the microwave. It is also food-safe and of course, microwave-safe just be sure to remove the mesh. It can hold 450ml of liquid. Best of all, the glaze does not fade or lose its color or sheen over time so this mug is definitely worth keeping as an heirloom piece. 

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Images courtesy of Coffeify