Sneaker culture is growing exponentially over the years. It used to be that people bought sneaker purely for athletic purposes. Now, consumers are more flexible and prefer to buy pairs that are fashionable and offer comfort over performance. Striking the right balance between aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality can be difficult for manufacturers. Yet, sometimes the stars align perfectly and deliver just enough inspiration to craft an attractive set of kicks. One such example is the On Cloud Hi Edge.

On is a Swiss Brand recognized for footwear that caters to individuals who love running. Now, it’s making a small shift to give its fans a reliable running shoe that also makes the owner look good during leisurely engagements. The Cloud Hi Edge does not only appear stylish for urban excursions, but it is ready to adapt the moment you shift to a sprint.

The manufacturer is currently offering four colourways to suit anyone’s tastes. We have Sand/Brown, Sand/Acacia, Ink/Mustard, and Juniper/Glacier. In our opinion, all variants look remarkable. There enough contrast between the shades and just the right amount of bright tones. The latter is a common feature among running shoes to keep users visible in low-light situations.

According to On, the Cloud Hi Edge is a limited-edition release with street-ready style in mind. It may be an experimental venture, but we can’t help but want more of it in the future. Details about the materials are quite scarce, but we do know that the upper mesh comes with a mix of different textiles. It sits on Heloin superfoam with CloudTec outsole. Moreover, the Speedboard polymer gives owners superior support and assistance during their runs.

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Images courtesy of On