From military applications to recreational, drones are now as ubiquitous as any remote-controlled toy. Almost every manufacturer has settled for the quadcopter configuration for a lot of reasons. This hardly changed over the years. Even with bumpers and guards, the propellers are still prone to damage, which is why Cleo Robotics engineered the Dronut X1.

The design looks like something taken from a sci-fi movie. Moreover, it matches the name appropriately given the “doughnut-esque” shape of the upper shell. With concerns about physical hazards as the top priority, the Dronut X1 aims to be the most robust drone ever.

Its bi-rotor system might not be new, but it is the first of its kind to fully enclose its flight systems in a protective shell. So far, we’ve seen similar attempts in toys that feature plastic or metal cages, but hard hits can still damage its moving parts. Thus, Cleo Robotics goes for 360-degree safety.

Weighing only 15.5 ounces and measuring 6.5 x 4 inches, carrying it around is never an issue. A full charge provides 12 minutes of flight time. Wirelessly control the Dronut X1 with a compatible gamepad or smartphone via Wi-Fi. It also boasts an operating range of about 300 feet depending on obstacles.

Using lightweight composite materials and foam, they’re endowing it with an impact-resistant body. Unless you really have exceptional control over your quadcopter drone, flying indoors is not an ideal activity. Nonetheless, the Dronut X1 offers worry-free dynamics anywhere.

This versatile machine “is the world’s first bi-rotor ducted drone designed to operate where other robots cannot,” notes Cleo Robotics. “With high maneuverability, sophisticated sensors, and advanced algorithms, the Dronut X1 can live stream high-definition video and collect LiDAR data in the ultra confined spaces and challenging environments.”

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Dronut X1 Front Dronut X1 Flying Dronut X1 closeup

Images courtesy of Cleo Robotics