Clay Point House at 5722 Clay Point Road Fishers Island is a modern glass house perfectly positioned on three direct waterfront acres. It spans 180 feet across the shore and overlooks the New Island Sound.

This glass house is both a livable art gallery and an island retreat. It boasts an exquisitely landscaped garden and an amazing 4,600 square-foot of interior space. It’s a single-story structure with a 180-foot-long rectangular glass pavilion, 28 feet wide, and has a basement underneath.

Built in 2008 by renowned architect Thomas Phifer, Clay Point House uses a palette of black carbonized bamboo flooring, glass, steel, and white gallery walls set the tone for the interior design. Meanwhile, a reflecting pool that extends out to the terrace enhances the views of the living space and an indoor/outdoor moss garden mirrors the surrounding grounds.

The only overhead lighting in the 11-foot ceilings is the six skylights and a canopy extends around the perimeter of the structure, creating a shade. Modern amenities include a geothermal system that controls heating and cooling, literally rooting the house in its environment.

In terms of private spaces, Clay Point House has one bedroom and two full bathrooms, and one partial bathroom. The protagonist of the property is the meticulously curated garden which follows an undulating path through 25 different garden “scenes.” It features annual and perennial gardens, a rocky shoreline path, a Japanese garden, two fountained garden pools, and mature trees.

It boasts flower beds with azaleas, peonies, hydrangeas, camellias, Japanese iris, and more than 40,000 daffodils. Established trees include fourteen different magnolia tree varieties and sixteen different Japanese maple varieties; as well as lilac trees, beech trees, and pines. Clay Point House is currently for sale at Sotheby’s for $8,250,000.

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Images courtesy of Sotheby’s