Originally a custom piece created for a tattoo studio in Maryland, this sturdy little coffee table soon became available for public sale, because Classified Moto just loved it too much to not share it with more people. It is a cool looking 36-inch high, 34-inch wide table built using recycled Japanese motorcycle parts from the ‘70s and the ‘80s.

Moto Coffee Table

The legs are actually brushed chrome fork tubes, with the upper supporting part being made of springs and shock absorbers. For the feet, the Virginia-based manufacturer used transmission gears. The actual table top is made out of wood, but you cannot see that, as it has been beautifully enveloped in brushed copper. A steel bezel with punch holes finishes the design off nicely.

Quirky and unique, the coffee table would look perfect in any bachelor pad, but it could also be an excellent choice for a cool industrial-vibe coffee shop. Priced at $1,499, each table comes signed and features a unique serial number.

Moto Coffee Table Made of Motorcycle Parts