California isn’t just the home of tech-savvy companies trying to find ways of improving how we communicate and how we can teleport and what not. It is also home to Civilware, a company committed to providing some exceptional quality hunting knives designed to take on the biggest hunting tests.

Their latest product is the Striker Fixed Blade and is inspired by Ben Lilly’s legendary knives that he crafted all on his own. Ben Lilly, for those not familiar, was a big-game hunter taking on the likes of dangerous and aggressive grizzly bears. How he had room to keep a knife on him with b***s that big we will never know.

This Striker Fixed Blade has a 4-inch AEB-L steel blade, so it will last an extremely long time and can be sharpened with ease. The handle is exquisite in appearance but also affords users more friction and an easier grip, even when your hands may get sweaty. Available in three different sizes, the knife is completed with a sleek leather sheath for convenience and safety.

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