The transportation sector is now gradually adopting emission-free alternatives to help reduce environmental impact. As such, personal mobility platforms such as e-bikes, e-skateboards, e-scooters, and others are becoming ubiquitous in the world’s largest cities. EVs are great but are also subject to limitations brought about by traffic jams and charging infrastructure. One group presents their solution dubbed the CT-1.

This startup is based in Tel Aviv but envisions a global distribution of their so-called “electric microcar” to ease congestion and more. Aside from regular gridlocks during rush hour, another problem commuters face is parking spaces. Since most EVs are the same size as conventional cars, they also encounter the same issues. City Transformer, on the other hand, integrates a cool feature.

The physical footprint of the CT-1 is already compact in contrast to even the smallest commercially available EV. True to the name of the company, their machines tout two settings. Both are configured for specific scenarios. In Performance Mode, a modular system allows the wheels to adapt to a wider stance. This makes it easier to handle when driving at higher speeds.

Next is the City Mode, wherein the wheels are drawn within the fenders. This reduces its width to about 3.2 feet so drivers can then maneuver across narrow paths like alleyways and park in spots that can only accommodate motorcycles. The dimensions of the CT-1 are enough for a single driver and some cargo. However, the team claims a two-seater is also in development.

Its electric drive setup uses two 7.5 kW motors and can hit a top speed of 56 mph. The CT-1 can accelerate from zero to 31 mph in five seconds and promises a range of 111 miles on a single charge. City Transformer outfits its EV with stylish scissor doors. Production is slated to begin in late 2024 and is expected to cost less than $18,000.

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Images courtesy of City Transformer