We did not expect a carmaker like Citroën to break out of its normal operations and develop a stylish motorhome. The French marque is known for its wide range of economical vehicles, but it also does not hesitate to venture into other segments. Type Holidays is a fresh concept that borrows design cues from the iconic H-Type van.

Looking back at the machine that inspired its latest platform, we have a silhouette defined by corrugated metal surfaces. As you can see, this gives the H-Type a unique industrial aesthetic and allows the manufacturer to cut weight, materials, and cost overall.

Meanwhile, the Type Holidays is positioned as a recreational vehicle for camping and off-grid excursions. If you’re wondering, the donor model for this cool project is a Citroën SpaceTourer, which then receives an exterior makeover to emulate the texture of corrugated metal sheets.

To achieve this classic aesthetic, the company called on the Italian coachbuilding group Caselani. The silver paintwork is a nice touch as well. As such, we have sophisticated vintage bodywork on a contemporary van with all the bells and whistles outdoor enthusiast will find useful during their travels.

The Citroën Type Holidays features two bench seats which are removable if ever you need more storage space. A counter with an induction stove, sink, and fridge is ready for meal preparation. The drawers can hold ingredients, utensils, and other essential items. Also, the front seats can swivel to face the living space.

When the day ends, the bench seating can turn into a bed, while the pop-up roof reveals a tent accessible via a hatch inside the Citroën Type Holidays. As noted earlier, it is still in the concept stages, but it’s always possible that the camper might be offered commercially in the future.

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Images courtesy of Citroën